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John Colley

May 13, 2016



In this week's episode I am delighted to welcome Nathan Williams from Crazy Eye Marketing who shares with us the step by step explanation of his lead funnel.  Nathan is an expert marketer and his lead funnel expertise is going to completely blow you away as he shares exactly how and why he constructs his lead funnel the way he does.

This Week's Guest: Nathan Williams


In this Episode Discover:

  • How Nathan transitioned from the Military to becoming an online entrepreneur
  • We discovered a mutual background in the military
  • Interest driven Sales Funnel
  • Understand why Nathan recommends Active Campaign as his email service provider of choice
  • Discover what a Lead Magnet is and how to design a good one which will appeal to your audience
  • Explains how to design an effective Landing page
  • Nathan explains why he has a welcome series and what it involves
  • How you check in Active Campaign if the subscriber is a new subscriber and how Nathan uses Tags
  • Explains what his Action Series is and what it contains
  • Problem, Agitate, Solve Copywriting Formula
  • Why I use Zapier to connect my Course Platforms to Active Campaign
  • Understand how Nathan uses upsells and downsells
  • Conversion rates that indicate success

 Nathan's Interest Driven Sales Funnel - Download the image from here

The Vault

This contains all Nathan’s Courses and everything that Nathan will create in the future too. 

Click on this Link to go to the Special Page Nathan has set up for the Online Learning Podcast Community (Affiliate Link)

Find Out more about Nathan at: 

Crazyeye Marketing Blog -

Active Campaign

Discover the amazing power of Active Campaign - Just click on this link (Affiliate Link)

I am building all my funnels with Active Campaign now and I know you are going to love it!

Can I help you with your Lead Magnets?

Down load my 24 Tips Lead Magnet Cheatsheet by clicking on this link!