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John Colley

Nov 12, 2014

OLP Influencer Interviews 15.001

This week's Influencer Interview is with John Sortino and Mychal Connolly, the founders of the Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy.  Both John and Mychal have founded previous businesses, John the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and Mychal a company called Stinky Cakes which he founded with his wife.  Together John and Mychal have a huge amount of Entrepreneurship experience and we discuss their stories and their experience in this stimulating interview.

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Influencer Interview; John Sortino and Mychal Connolly

John Sortino






John Sortino

Mychal Connolly






Mychal Connolly

In this Episode we discuss:

  • How John founded the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and took it to a $50m IPO
  • How Mychal founded the Stinky Cakes company with his wife
  • Why Mychal was drawn to teaching children about Entrepreneurship as a means of helping them turn their lives around
  • The power of Social Media and Mychal's expertise in the area
  • The importance of getting keywords right
  • The Four Point Triangle and what it means
  • Where you fit in the Four Point Triangle and why its important


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You can contact them through social media at the following addresses:


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