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John Colley

Dec 27, 2013

Vanessa van Edwards, Author and Behavioural Investigator shares some of her secrets to reading Body Language

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In this Week's Episode:

Interview: Vanessa van Edwards

Vanessa van Edwards








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VVE Body Language for Entrepreneurs





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Category: Business

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Other Links:  Vanessa recommends Jim Hopkinson's Course "How to Negotiate Salary: Negotiating a Raise or a Promotion" which you can buy with an Exclusive OLP Discount of 75%, , instead of $199 you pay only $49, by clicking this link.

Jim was interviewed for the Online Learning Podcast in Episode 036 which you can find here.

You can find out more about Vanessa's Heroes on her website at

Contact Details:  You can find out more about Vanessa by visiting her website Science of People at

Marketing Tip of the Week: In this weeks Marketing Tip I explain how to utilise Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy for your online course.

Free Course of the Week:  This week's Free Course Recommendation is "Introductory Psychology -- A Video Textbook" by Dr Don J Sharpsteen which you can find here.